Something about that name

I am a woman of deep conviction

Named ‘too sensitive’ by my dad in the face of death and negative experiences, my feelings were an unwelcomed disruption to the ‘house of denial’ I was raised in. ┬áResponses to painful crises (or flat out silence) left me feeling crazy. Continue reading “Something about that name”


Through the giving and receiving of grace in my own story, I have experienced Love breathing life into my faint heart, Faith growing and Hope redeemed. My story is no longer mine to keep but has been reframed to offer to others what I have received.

If you follow me, you will read about the glorious mess I am, you will read about my family, my friends and the ministries that have helped me along the Journey back to the Home of my Heart.

I believe that hope, healing and new life can happen in the midst of exploring a story… any story. Because every story matters to God.

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