Contagious Courage

Much time has passed since I wrote my last post. During this time, I have been reviewing my journals and in doing so have identified a deep passion and desire woven throughout them…to write and to advocate for causes that ignite hope, spark love and birth much needed grace for our world.  My writings reveal the names of women who have impacted my life and this world with contagious courage.   Continue reading “Contagious Courage”

Even Age Old Oaks Fall

I love walking the hills in our neighborhood for exercise.  It is often on my walks that I breathe deeply and give attention to my heart as I slowly climb the steep hills on my way up and resist the pull to hurry on my way down. Being intentional to go slow allows my
body the freedom to avoid the danger of a fall on concrete. This morning was no exception. Continue reading “Even Age Old Oaks Fall”

Something about that name

I am a woman of deep conviction

Named ‘too sensitive’ by my dad in the face of death and negative experiences, my feelings were an unwelcomed disruption to the ‘house of denial’ I was raised in.  Responses to painful crises (or flat out silence) left me feeling crazy. Continue reading “Something about that name”

This is Not a Roll of the Dice

I don’t know why today, but I am choosing to write my first blog.

The reason is not important but rather the freedom I feel to write from my heart and share all of who I am and what I believe. Fearless was the word given to me by my heart friend this year…It feels fitting in this moment. Continue reading “This is Not a Roll of the Dice”