Something about that name

I am a woman of deep conviction

Named ‘too sensitive’ by my dad in the face of death and negative experiences, my feelings were an unwelcomed disruption to the ‘house of denial’ I was raised in.  Responses to painful crises (or flat out silence) left me feeling crazy.

Until I became my first client in my search and discovery of Truth.

As a deep hearted and sensitive little girl, I spoke truth over and over again to the adults around me… “something is wrong”.  Left swimming in a sea of denial, I grew to doubt my feelings.

Evil hates truth speakers.

I did and can sometimes still ignore my sensitivity to avoid being a burden and opt instead to hide my ‘crazy’ heart.  But that has and continues to be a space where I can choose kindness and blessing for my need for Jesus in my weakness.

It was not until I joined a community of friends and began telling my story that I became aware of evil’s attempts to name my glory as “too sensitive” and “dangerous”.   The gift of my sensitivity and my identity were exposed as I began to name my truth:  I am sensitive and can sometimes feel things for others more deeply than they do themselves.  And on the flip side, I am deeply sensitive to the Spirit of God.  I can bless both my depravity and my dignity.

I have always had and still have a heart that feels deeply.  The holy spirit resides there. I am sensitive both to good and evil because of His presence and not my own.  It makes perfect sense why evil comes for me – I am dangerous to his plan to thwart God’s glory in me and others.

I hope you too get to tell your story in a safe environment where every story is welcomed without judgment.  It is refreshing, enlightening and it is the one thing I have done that has invited my heart to give and receive God’s truth in the intimate presence of Love.

I am an advocate for storytelling.  If you would like to read other stories of brave and vulnerable women, check out where stories are welcomed and every story belongs.

One thought on “Something about that name

  1. Ellen,
    You are definitely a starter on God’s first team. Evil doesn’t worry about people that are not a threat.
    You are an active giant threat.
    Fight on!
    Love you,

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