About Me

Like any home that runs on love, you’ll find this space inviting, empathic and sometimes a mess. I hope sharing my mess serves as a witness of hope.

A bit more about me: I am married to Victor and am a mother continuing to grow a heart and family of grace. Here you will read about our children: Grant and his wife Lauren, Dustin, Zach and our daughter, Tori. You will also read about family and friends who form my posse and people I consider inspiring, courageous, wise, broken, beautiful and who are vulnerable with their REAL.

I am also a certified lay counselor, spiritual coach and a trainer and facilitator for leaders of small groups. I am a passionate warrior/advocate in the fight against sex trafficking. My creative imagination has gotten me into trouble sometimes, but for the most part my dreams are geared toward bringing a taste of Heaven to earth.

Ellen Oelsen


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Prayer and Care

I believe in the power of prayer. I love to lead others in discovering peace through the processes of contemplative prayer, intercessory prayer and play.  If you are looking for a space for a personal retreat of care through prayer, spiritual guidance or rest, please contact me.

Fill out the following form and that will help us get started.


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Give With Me





This December, I have joined the Red Tent Living Team to raise awareness and funds for women and girls in Bangladesh.  These girls have opportunity to find their voices and change their stories for themselves and their families.  Your donation for justice will be matched by One Days Wages.  Your donation can Double Hope for girls like Fajima.

At first glance, Fajima’s life may seem ordinary. She helps her mother with chores around home, studies hard in school, and spends her free time with her best friend Asha. Sometimes, she earns extra income for her family by sewing belts. But there’s far more to Fajima’s story. She is also the chair of a group of teenage girls working with World Renew and the People’s Institution to bring justice and opportunity to the girls of Bangladesh. Too many of Fajima’s friends have been betrothed and taken out of school for marriage. So Fajima and her fellow classmates have decided to change the story. Not only do these young women advocate for leadership and educational opportunities for girls, they also serve as representatives, elected to join their elders in advancing community development initiatives, extending loans to local female entrepreneurs, and educating their larger community on the downfalls of childhood marriage. ⠀

Fajima has boldly stood for the rights of girls, and now it’s time for us to boldly stand with Fajima. Give to the girls of Bangladesh.

Every dollar counts.

Your gift of $50 changes the lives of 4 girls. And thanks to our match campaign, hope for 4 girls becomes hope for 8.

You can donate here:  4JustGirls

Thank you!


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All proceeds from my store are donated to causes committed to the recovery and restoration of sex trafficked victims.

I am honored to share the designs I have designed to raise funds and awareness for a cause I believe in. You can browse my products available for purchase or contact me for a custom order to suit your needs.